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Protecting your loved ones and assets is one of the main reasons to get a life insurance policy. However, it can also provide valuable benefits to you as well, depending on the type of policy you buy.

Simple Term Insurance

Provides coverage for a specific time period. Usually from 10 to 30 years.

Term with Living Benefits

Asides from the death benefit to the beneficiaries, it also offers benefits for the insured person.

Term with Return of Premium

After the policy expires the premium paid is returned to the owner of the policy.

Permanent Life Insurance

You can keep the policy as long as you pay the premiums. It can also build savings during the life of the policy.

Did you know?

Some Life Insurance Policies protect not only your family in case of your death but also provide coverage for you in case of heart attack, stroke, cancer and many more medical conditions.


for each generation

Every step of our lives deserves protection. Not only for ourselves but also for our beloved ones. Life insurance can provide it from generation to generation. 

Why do I need life insurance?

Life Insurance can provide a wide range of benefits. The range depends on your specific life situation as well as the type of life insurance policy you choose. Below are some of the benefits or ideas of the protection life insurance can offer. Not all of them are included in every policy.

Mortgage Protection

Without life insurance coverage your loved ones may not be able to pay house payments.

Living Benefits

This benefit provides funds when you are diagnosed with some medical conditions, such as cancer, stroke or heart attack.

College Education

Your children education is one of the most valuable assets. Without proper life insurance, it can be jeopardized.

Building Savings

With policies that accumulate cash value, you can use it, e.g. as supplemental retirement income.

Final Expenses

Provide funds to your loved ones to cover funeral expenses after your death.

Disability Income

Some policies provide an income in case you got disabled.

How much is life insurance?

Here are sample life insurance premiums.

Male: 30, Female: 25

Living in Chicago, IL

Male: 50, Female: 45

Living in Lake Zurich, IL

Male: 60, Female: 55

Living in Algonquin, IL

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