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Finding the insurance coverage that’s right for you or your family can be complicated. We’ve made the process as simple as possible. With plan choices we offer from many insurance companies, we’ll help you find the one that meets your needs, budget, and age.

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Individual and Obamacare!

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Life Insurance

Protect your family well-being with affordable life insurance.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Plans with or without government subsidy (Obamacare).

Medicare Insurance

Health Insurance for people 65+ or younger with some health conditions.

Did you know?

Some Life Insurance Policies protect not only your family in case of your death but also provide coverage for you in case of heart attack, stroke, cancer and many more medical conditions.

Why SafePol

As insurance brokers, we work for you, not insurance companies.

We are your Partner

As insurance brokers, we work for you, not insurance companies. That also means we are here to help you with claims, billing and other questions that may arise during your policy life. 

You save with us

With the choice of many insurance plans, you can save money by choosing the one that most fits your budget and needs.

Your Safety is our Policy

Before we recommend any insurance plan for you, we always take into consideration your financial, family and health situation. That helps to make sure that the plan you choose will cover your needs.

Our service is Free

We’ll never charge you any fees before or after you purchase an insurance policy with us.

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