Are work-related Injuries Covered by Individual Health Insurance?

Most health insurance companies do not cover work-related injuries. The main reason for that is a higher risk inadequate to the premium charged as well as duplication of coverage with Workers Compensation Insurance which is responsible for covering work-related injuries.

In most states employers are obligated by the law to purchase such insurance for their workers. Workers compensation covers mainly costs of medical care (hospital stay, doctor visits) and the loss of income due to work-related accident.

However, there are health insurance companies that offer coverage in case of an accident or illness being a result of work injury. Usually, they require a slightly higher payments and restrict some occupations with a higher risk of bodily injury such as: police officers, firemen or road workers. Among groups of those who are often covered are construction workers such as: painters, electricians, carpenters or even roofers.

Always remember to double check if the work-related injuries are covered before signing the insurance contract.

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